Fair Trade Corporate Partnership Scheme

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Fair Trade is never something that is beyond our reach. It is in fact at times under our very noses. There are multiple ways through which corporations can promote and partake in Fair Trade - becoming our Corporate Partner is one of the easiest ways to.


Corporate engagement is the key driver to the success of the Fair Trade movement in Hong Kong. By practicing Fair Trade in our daily business operations, we are in fact helping to alleviate poverty, reduce social inequality, contribute to a sustainable development and ensure the farmers and workers receive their fair share of income.


With sustainable consumerism becoming increasingly popular, where international corporations such as Marks & Spencer and Lush are sourcing Fair Trade materials for their products. In Hong Kong, listed companies are required to publish ESG reports to inform stakeholders about Fair Trade. As a well-established sustainable consumption label with the strictest requirements for certification, the Fair Trade label covers the environment, labour rights and gender equality.


Fair Trade Corporate Partnership Scheme is therefore developed and launched with an aim to recognize corporations who commit to and engage in Fair Trade in philosophy and in practice, and these wise partners have joined us rightaway! (in no particular order within tier)


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All corporates are welcome to apply for the Fair Trade Corporate Partnership Scheme at any hour.

Give us a call at 3705 2488 if you would like your company to be part of the Fair Trade movement and stand up for the impoverished!


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