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About Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation

Founded in 2008, Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation is a charitable non-government organization devoted to advocating for the Fair Trade movement. We long to promote and establish a Fair Trade Economy that infiltrates into every bits of our lives, making sure the contributions of those who produce our foods and goods in the developing world are properly recognized and compensated.


Speaking of the Hong Kong context, we are committed to spreading the word via three major channels: school education, public awareness, and business development. Our scope therefore spans from developing a sense of responsibility as a global citizen, raising the general public's awareness of Fair Trade and sourcing an expanding range of Fair Trade products in our leap towards a sustainable and justice-based society.



What it's like being a Fair Trade Partner?

Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation promotes Fair Trade across different sectors of the society.


Our Fair Trade Partners are part of the Fair Trade movement which is a premium symbol of social responsibility and even on a broader level, as you will be extending your help by giving a cup of cold water to those in dire need.


Once you sign up as a Fair Trade Partner, we will quickly arrange to recognize you by displaying your company's name, logo and your company description on our FTHK website. What's more, you will be entitled to tell the world about your company via FTHK's regular eDM  - some favourites of our clients are Mothers' Day / Christmas Fair Trade Collection promotions.


We as the official representative of Fair Trade in town will also be knitting together those of us who hold tight onto the same vision of developing a Fair Economy. FTHK regularly hosts events such as Staff Sales, Bazaar and Fair Trade events with our corporate partners, which are brilliant chances for spreading your name out! We also actively initiate and take part in researches on various Fair Trade topics such as local and international Fair Trade figures and market which will be helpful to your understanding of the recent development of the movement.


Becoming a Fair Trade Partner

Retailers who sell Fair Trade products and adhere to Fair Trade principles are eligible to apply as a Fair Trade Partner. All you need to do is to send in your application according to the stipulated instructions.


Fair Trade is a movement. Movement means it's a continuous process. We will expect you to stick with the Fair Trade principles from the moment you join and express your pledge to Fair Trade via your communication channels - social media and websites.


Join us as our Fair Trade Partners right away with the link below!


Application Procedures


  1. Fill in the Fair Trade Partner application form downloadable below.
  2. The Board of Directors of FTHK shall discuss the application and you will be informed duly once we reach a resolution.

  3. Our Partnership will be valid on the first day of the month after our approval.

  4. You shall then settle the annual fee stipulated on the form and the notice of approval within two weeks. In case of conflict, the latter shall prevail.
  5. FTHK shall acknowledge the receipt of fees by issuing an official receipt.



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