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About Fair Trade Hong Kong

Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK), founded in 2008, is a non-profit-making organization that promotes Fair Trade. We are committed to establishing a Fair Trade economy to alleviate poverty, reduce inequality, contribute to a sustainable future and ensure that producers in the developing world receive fair share of income.


In Hong Kong, we dedicate ourselves to Fair Trade through school education, events and market development. To encourage Fair Trade practices in daily life, we nurture the sense of global citizenship in young people, carry out public education and expand Fair Trade product varieties in the market.

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    Oxfam Hong Kong first introduced Fair Trade concept to Hong Kong in 2002, and kicked off the Fair Trade movement. In 2008, FTHK co-organized the second Fair Trade Fair with Oxfam Hong Kong at Central Pier. Since then we have been advocating Fair Trade to all walks of life and different sectors.


    In 2012, FTHK officially joined Fairtrade International to become a Fairtrade Marketing Organization (FMO) and has been authorized to promote and monitor the certification of Fairtrade products in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China ever since.

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    Fair Trade movement stresses the importance of contributions from our stakeholders. The four lines in our logo represent the four key members in the supply chain, i.e. producers, brand owners, distribution channels and retailers. The development of FTHK also requires joint efforts from different sectors. The four dots stand for four main stakeholders that we seek their support for the movement, i.e. consumers, schools, business sector and government.