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    "Fair Quinoa For Children"

    Fair Trade Hong Kong's study in 2018 shows 1 out of 5 local deprived children suffers from obesity, which number is higher than the overall obesity rate among students in Hong Kong (16.7%) and it indicates insufficient healthy diet. A nutritionist, Mimi Li, analyzed the diet of deprived families and found these families, due to low affordability, always made soup with bones and took low-cost food such as chicken wings and meat skin. It is believed to be one of the reasons leading to obesity. In the meantime, when the market demand for healthy food items increases, the high price further prevents deprived children from obtaining healthy diet.   In Academic Year 2018-2019, a food assistance project, “Fair Quinoa For Children”, was newly launched to alleviate the concerned diet issues of deprived children. With every sale of "Fair Quinoa For Children", Fair Trade Hong Kong delivers the same amount to local low-income families to mitigate social problems of an unbalanced diet and high risk of obesity. The Organic Fair Trade Quinoa used in the project is produced by Coopain Cabana cooperative in Peru. Not only does it benefit the underprivileged families in Hong Kong, but it also fosters sustainable development in the Peruvian community.    "Fair Quinoa For Children" had received great support from celebrities, namely politician Mr. Roy Kwong, actress Miss To Siu Kiu, and that New Youth Barbershop wrote “The Quinoa Song” to educate the public through music. As of February 2019, approximately five thousand packages have been delivered to more than a thousand grassroot families throughout the project.
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    8-10th May, 2015

    Fair Trade Fiesta 2015

    On every second Saturday in May, known as the “Global Fair Trade Day”, Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation organises the Fairtrade Bazaar to promote the Fair Trade concept to the public. This year with the theme of “Fairness Inside You”, we organised the bazaar in Kwai Fong Plaza with the attendance of celebrities like artist Miss Leila Kong and singer Miss Eman Lam. They shared their excellent ideas on using Fair Trade products and showed their enthusiasm on visiting Fairtrade counters inside the venue. Representatives from Hong Kong broadband and volunteers from various organisations also kindly helped to promote the products from various counters that sold Fairtrade products like DIY coffee and Fair Trade skincare products. With all these X-factors, the bazaar event has generated record-breaking revenue for the attended trader partners and proven to be the leading event that raised the awareness of Fair Trade.
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    20th March, 2015

    Charity Film Premiere – Chasing Ice

    Our organisation held the premiere event of the film “Chasing Ice” to raise public awareness on global climate change and Fair Trade concept. Directed and filmed by James Balog, a well-known photographer from National Geographic, the film captures the accumulated changes in glaciers and has successfully won more than 30 international film awards. In the discussion forum session, we prepared delicacies from Fair Trade Food and invited female explorer Ms. Rebecca Lee, ex-director of the Hong Kong obervatory Mr. Lam Chiu Ying SBS, popular-science writer Doctor Lee Wai Choi and ProjecTerrae director Mr. Jackie Chu to attend and share the message of “Support Fair Trade to combat climate change". With the support of more than 13 corporations and 600 guests by attendance, we have successfully propagated the message of “Support Fair Trade” and “Support Sustainability Development”.
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    10th May, 2014

    Fair Trade Fortnight 2014

    Hong Kong Fair Trade Fortnight kicked off on 10 May, 2014. The topic was “Buy Fair Trade products to support farmers away from poverty”. It was our pleasure to invite Anthony Wong as the Fair Trade Ambassador to promote Fair Trade and share his experience in supporting Fair Trade. Additionally, Kenny Chan from C All Star also played wonderful freestyle football and promoted Fair Trade Charity Football Match. Several Fair Trade retailers and traders also attended Metroplaza and sold their Fairtrade products. It was encouraging that the revenue generated was nearly HKD$240,000 in three days. The enthusiastic support from the citizens shows that the general public have deepened their understanding on Fair Trade and support farmers through practical action. Let’s help eliminate poverty by swapping into Fair Trade products.