RESPEKT Yunan organic Dianhong tea

RESPEKT Yunan organic Dianhong tea

[HKD175.00, from Fair Trade Show]



RESPEKT tea is made from Yunnan Menglian Dianhong highland 1000m above sea level. Located at southwest border where the weather is humid, subtropical with lots of rainfall and sunshine, tea delivers premium quality, dark brown color with intense aroma and taste. Tea leaves are produced by Xingjian Menglian tea garden. No chemical fertilizers and pesticides used during the production process and is EU certified organic.

Monitored by Danyun Fair Trade Development Company, the sole member of Fair Trade Global China to ensure farmers receive reasonable return.



Ye Yi is the only female elite chosen for learning tea planation. She is responsible for transferring what she learned from Xingjian to the local villagers to ensure high quality products. She has increased her confidence and become a role model for other females.

The products come with organic, environmental-friendly jute packaging which is made by the fair trade organization called CORR in Bangladesh. One of the CORR’s member, Rumia Begum who got married at the age of 15, was physically and mentally tortured in the past. After joining the craft work with CORR, she has a stable life with a sense of security.