Fairtree (Beijing) Co., Ltd.– Tea

Fairtree (Beijing) Co., Ltd.– Tea


Fairtree (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

About the Company and Vision

Fairtree (Beijing) Co., Ltd. deeply believes the perception of international fair trade. We build up long-term copperation with certified producers, support producers and farmers in developing countries, help them increase quality level, improve their working conditions, help their families and communities, improve their ability to work independently, and get rid of poverty with dignity. At the same time, they offer the healthy food to you with love.

Every product that we offer to you has been certified by Fair Trade Organization or most of them has ECOCERT by EU. You can consume healthily, and at the same time, protect our environment and make the earth develop consistently. We propose the ideas of People, Planet, and Pleasure. We hope that what we are doing now can leave future generations a sustainable environment and a spirit of helping each other.

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