S.E.E.K. Health Generations

S.E.E.K. Health Generations

Fair Trade Product Category

Cocoa Power & Syrup


Company Mission & Vision

S – Safety
E- Effectiveness
E- Environmental-Friendly
K- Kindness

S.E.E.K. Health Generations Limited is an organic store in Hong Kong, founded in 2007. In response to the growing need of allergy-free products and green health lifestyle, we aim at providing innovative and natural products that are beneficial to the well being of all individuals as well as the environment. To foster a green healthy lifestyle as we try to integrate our family and the companies we support into the global marketplace. We believe that all products should be derived from natural and give back to the environment thus continuing the natural cycle of life. As a well established creator, importer, wholesaler and retailer, we carry over 1000 organic and fair trade health products to serve customers in Hong Kong, Macau, China and other Asia-Pacific countries. We see and seek for the best to enhance the quality of life for our consumer and at the same time, we respect our trading partnership for a win-win-win situation.


Website : www.seek-hk.com

Phone : 2893 3367


Address : Rm A, 11/F,Winner Commercial Building,401-403 Lockhart  Road, Wanchai, HK