Become a Fair Trade School



Goal 4: Take Action for Fair Trade


  • Organise two Fair Trade activities each school year.

What better way to learn about Fair Trade than the fun way? Squeeze your creative juices to create memorable Fair Trade events to raise awareness about Fair Trade on (and off) campus!









What Why

Organise a Fair Trade event each term, including one during the Fair Trade Fortnight

One of these events must aim to raise awareness on Fair Trade for the whole school

(Use the event planner template to help you!)

So that people are constantly reminded of Fair Trade

Try doing a smaller event in the first term to remind people about Fair Trade, and organise a more involved event for the second term when you have more time to plan

Advertise your event, include in newsletters, put up posters, even tell the local media about it

Let everyone, including the parents, know what the school is doing on Fair Trade, get them interested and involved

Take lots of photos of your events

To show as evidence for the Fair Trade School Awards

Do a simple evaluation after each event

(There is also a template for your reference)

So that we can reflect on the event and make the next one even better



Tips to making a great event:
Know your stuff!
  • This is a piece of advice not just from us, but from the students who have carried out any type of Fair Trade activities – understand Fair Trade well yourself (and whoever else run the activities), so you can explain clearly to others about why Fair Trade is important.


Advertise your event well

  • Use display boards, blackboards, newsletters, make announcements in class or assembly, any channels you could think of! This is crucial to make sure everyone knows about it and you get a good turnout at your events.
  • Advertise your event well ahead of time to get everyone excited and ready
  • It’s always good to keep the Parents Teachers Association posted about what’s going on and seek their support too!
  • Try get in touch with the media – tell everyone what you’re doing


Make it interactive, fun and attractive

  • That’s why game booths and sales stall are often attractive, because people can join in the fun!
  • Decorate the stall well (in an environmentally friendly manner where possible, and check with us for leaflets and other materials)


Make Fair Trade products available

  • Having Fair Trade products available for sale or tasting at events is a great way to attract people. Once they are at your stall / activity, then you can explain them all about Fair Trade and the issues you have chosen to focus on.
  • Having Fair Trade products as prizes also make students a lot more enthusiastic in participating in your events!
  • Find out where Fair Trade products are available at the FTHK website: “Fair Trade Products” à “Search for Outlets of Fair Trade Products”.\


Fill the events with stories

  • Everybody loves a good story, and producer stories can help explain very clearly how supporting Fair Trade can directly improve their livelihoods.


Tricks to good event photos:

  • Assign specific people to do this
  • Make the Fair Trade logo and the products visible.
  • Have some sort of a gimmick, e.g. a giant bar of chocolate where people can take photos – this will make the photos more fun.
  • Take pictures of people taking part in the activities, e.g. at a game booth, listening attentively to the talk on Fair Trade, etc.
  • Ask FTHK for a “I Support Fair Trade” banner – those are perfect for group photos.


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