Become a Fair Trade School



Goal 2: Develop Two-year Fair Trade Action Plan











  • The Working Group develops a Two-year Fair Trade Action Plan.

Supporting the millions of small farmers around the world is an on-going effort. It also takes a long time to learn about and become global citizens and conscientious consumers. Awareness raising for Fair Trade needs to be a continuous effort. Therefore it is important for us to make longer term plans in promoting Fair Trade.
A two-year action plan allows members of the Working Group to think beyond this school year and make supporting Fair Trade a more long-term activity. This will also help pass on Fair Trade activities organising from one group to the next as both generations will be involved in the development of the plan.


Your Fair Trade Action Plan outlines what the Group would like to do to support Fair Trade. Come up with the plan as a group and include the following components in the Action Plan. When the second year of the plan rolls around, review the brief plan drafted last year, elaborate on it using the template again and think about how the Group can build on this year’s efforts next year. Make sure the Principal approves of the plan and the school administration is aware of it.


Do check out the template for reference.

What to include in the plan Why 
Objectives for Fair Trade activities for the next two years

Set an objective for each year (e.g. to introduce the basic concepts of Fair Trade; to deepen everyone’s understanding about Fair Trade; to focus on small farmers, the environment, world trade, etc…) so that your activities can be more focused and effective

Raise awareness of the whole school

There are many fun and creative ways to raise awareness, make sure everyone has a chance to be involved in it!

How you will publicise Fair Trade and your events 

Publicity is crucial to the success of any event! Make sure the Action Plan explores all possible ways to let the world know about your activities!

Use Fair Trade products where possible

It is far more effective and much easier to engage people about Fair Trade when you have Fair Trade products at hand because that immediately attracts people and gives you a point of entry.

Outreach to other groups, including the Parents Teachers’ Association

There are many groups at school with different expertise, think about how you can involve them and invite them to be part of the Plan!

As important members of the school community, parents should also be made aware of these plans. Better yet, get their support!

Do the Fair Trade Questionnaire

Do one at the beginning of the year before your activities and one after so you can see if people’s understanding for Fair Trade has improved, which then tells how effective your activities have been.

Take a look at the template to get some ideas!

Seek the Principal’s approval

Make sure that the Principal as a representative of the stakeholders of the school is aware of and in agreement with your awesome plans to promote Fair Trade!


Challenge yourselves ! 
  • Invite more students to give input, seek their opinion too about what they want to see happening at school on Fair Trade
  • Invite other stakeholders beyond teacher and students to contribute to the action plan
  • Source Fair Trade products whenever possible – shoot us an email and we ‘ll send through a list of traders you can get in touch with to source different Fair Trade products.



Make it a Whole School Movement – Develop a Fair Trade Policy

If you’re ready to do more than a Fair Trade Action Plan, try to get your school to adopt a Fair Trade Policy. A Fair Trade Policy is a record of why the school wants to make a commitment to Fair Trade and what the school would like to do to support Fair Trade. Pushing for the school to adopt a Fair Trade Policy may be a long process, so don’t give up!Here are a few steps on how you could do this. Remember, this is just a suggestion and you’ll have to adapt this based on your school’s situation


  • Draft the Policy

The Working Group to draft a Fair Trade Policy, listing out what the group thinks a Fair Trade School should be like. Check out KGV’s Fair Trade Policy for reference.

  • Raise Awareness and Support for Fair Trade

Continue to organise different events to raise awareness and support for Fair Trade and explain what the Fair Trade Policy is about.

  • Gain Support for the Policy

Once a majority of people (including students, teachers, administrators, parents, etc.) at school understands and supports Fair Trade, get their feedback about the Policy (by questionnaires, through the Student Union; check with the school administrators if the plan is possible, etc), revise the draft as needed.

  • Seek Approval

Ask everyone at school to sign the petition (or any other way the group thinks appropriate) to adopt the Fair Trade Policy, and present the petition to the Principal for approval and signature!