Become a Fair Trade School



Goal 1: Set up a Fair Trade working group


Form a Fair Trade working group* with both teachers and students.

The Working Group leads on all the Fair Trade activities, from developing the action plan for the year to implementing the activities.




Have teachers and students in the Working Group

Students can organise all the activities, take on responsibilities, and learn new knowledge and skills.

Teachers can help students get themselves organised and help garner support for Fair Trade at different levels

Involve both junior and senior studentsSo that junior students can learn from senior ones, senior students can practice their leadership skills, it also helps build common understanding on the school’s plans for FT and that can strengthen continuity
Keep minutes of the meetings and upload them

To provide evidence for the Fair Trade School Awards Scheme and for the Group next year to make reference to this years’ discussions and activities

Don’t forget to assign a student every time to be responsible for this!


*It doesn’t matter what type of a group the working group is, it can be a steering committee, society, concern group, club, etc. as long as the group is composed of teachers and mainly students and is dedicated to promoting Fair Trade.





  • Every school is different, but one to two teachers and eight to ten students are a good number to start with
  • Include students from both senior and junior forms in the Working Group to help ensure continuity year after year
  • Gather aspirations and activity ideas from all members of the Group, including what the next steps are and who will do what to get started with the action plan for the year
  • List everything related to Fair Trade that’s already going on, your school may already be well on the way to achieving all four goals!




Useful meetings to have:

At the start of the year

  • Gather everyone’s ideas about what to do for the year, review last year’s experiences and make plans and assign tasks for the new year


Meetings during the school year for the implementation of the action plan

  • Check on progress of activities, making sure events are well planned out and tasks are completed (use the event planner to help you!)


Final meeting at the end of the year

  • Reflect on the activities of the past year and discuss (and document!) how they went and how it can be improved
  • Start thinking about next year! Given the experiences this year, what does the Group think should be done next year?



Challenge yourselves!

Invite other people to join the group, e.g. other teachers, one or 2 parents, canteen operators, school administration, etc. to join your meetings and ask for their opinion so the whole school can be involved!