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Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the ‘Jockey Club Fair Trade School Award Scheme’ (JCFTSAS) was launched in 2016 to encourage schools to adopt the whole-school approach in supporting Fair Trade.


The ‘Jockey Club Fair Trade School Award Scheme’ has four objectives:

  1. Increase school’s participation in the Fair Trade movement;
  2. Let teachers, students and parents understand more about the Fair Trade;
  3. Cultivate the students to be ‘Global Citizens’;
  4. Support ethical consumption

What is a Fair Trade School?

A Fair Trade School is committed to raising awareness about and supporting Fair Trade. Guided by four basic goals, the Fair Trade School Awards Scheme is a brilliant way for schools to become involved in a fast-growing, global social movement.


Fair Trade offers an interesting and interactive way to learn about world trade, what the impacts of our daily consumption choices are and our role as global citizens. Students can learn new skills and be a social change agent.


Why to become a Fair Trade School?

This is the first time to launch “Jockey Club Fair Trade School Award Scheme” in Hong Kong, which is integrated by the ideas of academic syllabus and extra-curricular activities. The Scheme aims at educating youth about Fair Trade and encouraging them to implement Fair Trade values into their daily lives after attending creative activities. While we are helping young people understand the realities of trade and the impact of our choices, we are actively helping producers around the world.


Features of the Scheme


1.  Complement the existing needs in schools

Fair Trade is a topic which crosses different subjects and forms, such as Liberal Studies in senior forms, Humanities in junior forms, and Economics, Geography, or Other Learning Experiences, etc.

During the scheme, schools teach Fair Trade topics in at least one subject and one form in order to fulfill the requirement of the scheme. For example, students can learn Fair Trade topic during Liberal Studies lessons, which is closely related to Module 4, Globalization. Teachers can use Fair Trade as an example to illustrate the economic situation under globalization.





We, at FTHK, will provide support for teaching and other activities to schools. Moreover, we have a series of activities which are useful for schools to carry out the education of Fair Trade, such as school talks, exhibitions, workshops, visits and campus sales.



2.  Build up citizenship and discover the potential of students

In this scheme, integrated by the ideas of academic syllabus and extra-curricular activities, students can explore the world and develop caring attitudes through the guidance of teachers and interesting ways of learning, which leads them to build up attributes of citizenship.

Meanwhile, students have the chance to organize Fair Trade related activities, which provided a platform for them to demonstrate what they have learnt from lessons, and to use their creativity.


With reference to other countries, the scheme is able to train students with creativity, for example, holding a Fair Trade concert, fashion show or cooking competition, etc., providing a new way to learn Fair Trade.


3.  International Trend

Fair Trade Schools were pioneered in the UK and has been adopted and developed in many other countries too, like in Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the United States etc.


In the UK alone, as of July 2013, 1,000 schools have been designated as Fair Trade Schools, and over 5,000 schools registered as working towards the Fair Trade School status.

One of the teachers in a school in Britain, who joined the scheme in 2007, agreed that both teachers and students are able to put Fair Trade into daily life after the school became a Fair Trade School. Not only have students benefited, but small farmers as well .This proved that being a Fair Trade School is becoming important in world education today. We believe that Hong Kong, a cosmopolitan city, has to catch up with the international trend. Therefore the idea of setting up Fair Trade Schools in Hong Kong is being proposed.


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