Q1:Will the scheme increase the workload of teachers?

Camera 360A1: Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation will provide assistance to participating schools. This will include talks/ workshops, leading students planning and implementing Fair Trade activities as well as assistance in lesson planning. Teachers can participate in others events depending on their availability, but have to get involved in teaching Fair Trade through a particular/ different discipline(s).


Q2: Where can we submit our application?

A2: Applicants can fill in the information and submit their application online via the ‘Jockey Club Fair Trade School Award Scheme’ website.


Q3:Is there only one chance in a year to submit application?

A3:Jockey Club Fair Trade School Award Scheme is a whole year strategic project that requires on-going involvement and monitoring from the school’s Fair Trade Committee. It would be difficult for schools to initiate the project at intermediate intervals of the academic year.


Q4: How many schools will be awarded?

A4: Schools able to fulfill the 4 goals in the action guide will be awarded as Fair Trade School.


Q5:Does it mean that once all the goals are fulfilled, my school will be awarded?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A5:Yes. Schools will be awarded as long as they are able to submit evidence of activities done for each goal that are appraised by Panel of the Jockey Club Fair Trade School Award Scheme.


Q6:Any support can get from Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation?

A6:Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation would provide assistants to the implementation of programme at individual schools.


Q7: Is there any requirement on the minimum number of students of the Fair Trade Committee?

A7: This depends on the scale of activities that the school would like to launch, eight to ten students are a good number to start with.


Q8: Can we incorporate the Fair Trade Committee into other groups?

A8: Yes, as long as the working group launches activities specifically to Fair Trade. The working group can be incorporated into other societies like the Civil Education society.


Q9:How detailed should the biannual plan be?

A9: The biannual plan should include objectives, proposed activities brief, relevant promotion strategies and measurement means. Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation would provide template for participating schools as well as guidance to students.


Q10: Is the Fair Trade policy at the school a must?

A10: Fair Trade is an international issue that emphasizes the values of justice and equality. Schools are encouraged to adopt the policy to help students building up the attribute of citizenship depends on the availability and resources of the schools.


Q11: What kinds of activities can be held in a school?

A11: Any kinds of activities are possible, as long as they are manageable to students. The activities’ design and nature should be coherent to the objectives that the school’s Fair Trade Committee has set.


Q12: We want to start selling Fairtrade. Where can we get products?

35[1]A12: Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation would provide a list of traders and retailers that are supporting Fairtrade. Schools are welcome to contact them directly.


Q13: Can the FAIRTRADE Mark be used on our posters and publications?

A13: The FAIRTRADE Mark could only be used with the approval from Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation and should be limited to publications in Hong Kong, Mainland and Macau.


Q14: How often does our school need to renew its Fair Trade Status?

36[1]A14: The award is valid for 2 years. Qualified school can renew the award every 2 years.


Q15: Should my school re-submit all documents every two years?

A15: Yes. School which is awarded will need to renew the status after two years. You will have to submit a report showing the sustainable development of Fair Trade at schools within the years for further certification.