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Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the ‘Jockey Club Fair Trade School Award Scheme’ (JCFTSAS) was launched in 2016. The Scheme is a 2-year brand new school project that aims to increase the involvement of the Fair Trade movement in local schools. We cordially invite you and your school to participate in this scheme. To receive the Fair Trade School Award , schools have to achieve the following four goals:

Set up a Fair Trade Working Group


Form a Fair Trade Working Group consists of both teachers and students. The Working Group will carrying out a varieties of activities, from developing the action plan for the year to implementing the activities.

Develop Two-Year
Fair Trade Action Plan


The Working Group will develop a Two-year Fair Trade Action Plan.

Learn about
Fair Trade


Teach Fair Trade in at least one subject, in at least one year group, covering basic concepts on Fair Trade.

Take Action for
Fair Trade 


Organise two Fair Trade activities each school year.


Hong Kong Secondary Schools


School which is able to fulfil 4 goals in action guide, will be awarded as Fair Trade School. The award is valid for 2 years; qualified school can renew the award every 2 years.

The Fair Trade School Awards Scheme is an evolving project. Any feedback or comments you have about the Scheme is most welcomed. It is also a new project, therefore there may be changes down the road, but FTHK will make sure to communicate those clearly as they appear.

Don’t forget!

  • Keep evidence for each of the activities done for each goal, and upload them to the website. Refer to the evidence checklist at the back to make sure you have all the evidence required.

  • Take lots of photos and upload those too!

If you have any inquiries, please contact us.  Email: education@fairtradehk.org,  Phone: 5596 6309。

For more information on The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, please visit