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Reasons to become a Corporate Partner

Fair Trade Certified label provides information for consumers to understand if the product meets the standards of fair trade production and trade principles, while ensuring fair trade products and services consumed are provided by the regular fair trade businesses and are officially accredited. It also protects producers’ and traders’ business interests and guarantees that consumers could purchase genuine Fair Trade products.

Become a pioneer enterprise conscience

A number of multinational manufacturers such as Cadbury, Marks & Spencer, Lush, etc., have started using fair trade material. In Hong Kong, the majority of the public institutions and commercial enterprises also actively support fair trade movement & aim to establish justice and righteousness in the public.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), the practice of sustainable development of the business model

With public concern about corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Hong Kong Stock Exchange requires listed companies to submit environmental, social and governance reporting (ESG Reporting), in order to disclose relevant information stakeholders and the public. By supporting local Fair Trade promotion work, it allows innovative approaches for corporate social responsibility (CSR) that align with the ESG “environment” and “social” elements. Moreover, it also leads the company towards sustainable development of the business model.

Global consumer trends - conscious consumption

More people turn a blind eye to justice and sustainable consumption pattern, but trends have been changing recently. The Fair Trade sales in Hong Kong were more than HK$ 24 million in 2014.


Leisure moment Fair Pantry

With a cup of Fair Trade coffee and tea we can have enough energy to get through the day! There are also Fair Trade snacks for you to fill up on more energy at any time. Let us utilize the platform to promote Fair Trade concepts to colleagues and make company pantries a meaningful place.


Fair meaningful meeting

The companies may also choose to provide a wide range of Fair Trade products at conference, such as chocolate, candy, cookies, etc., so that partners and customers are impressed.


Fair Gifts convey blessings

You can prepare Fair gifts for customers, partners and other stakeholders during Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and other holidays. This not only demonstrates the company’s corporate social responsibility, but also makes the gifts more meaningful.


Fair party

Let the staffs pick a gift during the company gatherings, anniversary banquets and Christmas parties, etc.  Through sharing the Fair Trade wine, soft drinks and snacks, we can add Fair Trade meaning to the holidays.


 Party  Party1  Party (4)  Party (2)

Fair Workshop

Use Fair Trade as the theme to arrange training and leisure activities for the staff.

Tasting workshop:

Through enjoy a variety of Fair Trade products (such as tea, coffee, wine), you can understand the story from the farmers.

Your encouragement will stimulate them to continue putting in further efforts.

Skin Care Workshop:

Use Natural Fair Trade materials to make skin care products to show the beauty of Fair Trade.

Coffee / Tea Workshop:

Learn to make coffee or tea and enjoy the homemade end product when listening to the story behind the production.

Social Enterprise visit:

Visit the social enterprise “greenshop” and understand its history and spirit of its operation. You can also make Fair Trade snacks under the guidance of neighbour.


Attend the Fair trade Talk to understand the global issue

The content of the talk is tailor made for different enterprises. Through listening to the sharing, the staff can have better understanding on issues such as global trade, disparity of wealth and poverty, sustainable development, etc. What’s more, they can know more about the trend towards fair trade development. In order to make it easy for the colleagues to understand the concept, there are Q&A session, short video playing session and test-meal.


Talk (3)  talk  Talk (2)

Hold trade fair to encourage ethical consumption

We can invite Fair Trade traders to join Fair Trade fairs. Accordingly,  employees are encouraged to practice ethical consumption. We believe that employees will love the variety of unique featured and the high quality of Fair Trade products.


Sales (2)  Sales (5)  Sales (4)  sales (3)

Movie Sharing

If you want to arrange movie for the staff, there are movies with different themes for you to choose from, for example, “Bananas!”, “Black Gold ” and “Chasing Ice”.  Our team will shoot a film or documentary to reflect the fact of the exploitation of the production line.

Movie to be selected :

  • 《Trade》: About a Mexican girl who was taken by a trafficking group and then her 17 year-old brother had to rescue her.  (Length of film.︰119mins)
  • 《Seven Days》︰An Australian travelled to Zambia to take care orphans and found that there were girls missing from the school. (Length of film︰54mins)
  • 《Black Gold》︰Starting from the “birthplace of coffee,” the a departure from Ethiopia onto exploring more about the coffee through dialogue with the coffee famers.  (Length of film︰78mins)
  • 《Bananas!》︰Since growing banana in Nicaragua cause infertility, this film help banana farmers to sound off. This film was initially banned by many people. However,  the premiere finally took place in Riksdag under the overwhelm support by the member of Sweden parliament! (Length of film︰87mins)

《Chasing Ice》The photographer doubt the argument of the global warming. Therefore, he went on an expedition to the South Pole. He traveled across three continents and gives us a stunning visual through helicopter, boats and wooden sleigh (Length of film.︰75mins)


Film (2)  Film  Film_1




Become a fair trade ambassador

Traditional volunteer can be classified into Giver and Receiver,

Our union hold events every year. We allow volunteers and Ambassadors gain alternative service experience. You can learn the story behind fair trade products and take part in fair trade event. Those companies recruit volunteers will become “community partner”  in promotional materials and get the appreciation award. Volunteer Briefing sessions will be held before the event to allow those volunteers understand the message of fair trade and operations in advance.

Companies can organize fair trade ambassador team, getting employees involved in volunteer activities fair trade.  Others than developing their abilities, they can also share fair trade message to family and friends!

We believe that everyone can become part of promoting fair trade because their specialty is unique !


Volunteer_1  Volunteer_a


Corporate sponsorship

Through supporting local fair trade promotion, you can utilize innovative approaches to practice corporate social responsibility (CSR), at the same time lead the business model towards sustainable development. Hong Kong Fair Trade Association was established in 2008, which is a registered non-profit organization. We organized various activities every year to promote fair trade and enhance public awareness . Enterprises can express concern about fair trade and sustainable development through sponsorship. The sponsorship is tax deductible.


Past activities 

Football cup




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