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GOOD 4 LIFE 生活。好點

Good 4 Life is a Social Enterprise under S.K.H. St. Christopher’s Home. It provides job training and employment opportunity for the underprivileged and under-skilled youth and adult, and promotes the spirit of healthy lifestyle at the same time.


The Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop make Fairtrade organic craft sodas. Our ethos is to be good for the people, good for the land and as good for you as a fizzy drink can be. We treat the people who grow our ingredients like they live next-door.

Gift Love

Gift Love is a Hong Kong based online platform which does not only enhance the bonding between the gift giver and recipient through the uniqueness of a meaningful gift, but also connects them with other people that benefit from this very gift by their own stories. Gift-giving is no longer an obligation which just fulfils the occasion; but a meaningful act that brings a rich and nourishing life to all parties.

What Gift Love thinks about Fair Trade
Sometimes we compromise on quality as we prefer a lower price tag. Gradually, the market shifts to mass production because this seems to be what the world looks for. We know there are still people out there who believe in quality, but they are mostly small businesses. We are here to support small businesses who do not only believe in quality but also pay respect to everyone who contributes in the supply chain. We are here to support Fair Trade.

Fair Trade Product Category: Coffee, snacks hamper, personal care hamper, etc.

RR Coffee Online Shop (A member of Kolb)

RR Coffee Online Shop aims to provide interesting and useful coffee related products to all coffee lovers, eg. Coffee beans, coffee makers, equipment, accessories, etc.

(Poster only available in Chinese version)

Buying Fair Trade Products Online

By visit “Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation x ShopThruPost” online shopping platform, there are over 100 fair trade products available, good both as a present and for one’s own enjoyment.