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The global Fairtrade development achieves following:

  • The sales revenue of the Global Fairtrade certified products exceeds 55 billion in 2013
  • There are more than 27,000 Fairtrade certified products
  • More than 750 millions of poor people are benefited from the Fairtrade system
  • Kumamoto is the first city to be recognised as “Fairtrade City” following up by 1,136 citys/towns all over the world
  • Fairtrade blooms in Asia with establishement of correlated organisations in the countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippine and India.
  • In Hong Kong, there are more than 100 stores selling different types of Fairtrade products, including tea, coffee, chocolate … Find out your favourite Fairtrade Products now!

How to identify whether it’s Fairtrade certified?

Since the first Fairtrade label introduced by Max Havelaar in 1998, the general consumers could easily identify the Fairtrade products on the packaging and make sures that they comply with the Fairtrade standard. They are also informed with where the raw materials of the product come from. Nowadays, the most recognized Fairtrade certification systems are:
Fairtrade International

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