Fair Trade and the Future of Farming


Every time when we have a meeting with the delegates of farmers’ cooperative, we feel their yearning and worry at the same time. The future of farming is one of their anxious problems. The next generation of Fair Trade farmers are benefited from the social premium and attained a higher education level. We should be glad about it. However, considering the problems of unstable harvest and severe climate change, they questioned should their next generation embark on farming. However, we witnessed numerous of farmers choose ‘Organic Farming’ with ‘Crop Diversification’ as one of the solutions.  These practices both takes care the soils and alleviates the climate changes. Even, it is a chance for the educated youngsters contribute their knowledge.

Mr Daniel Kinne, in the photo, is the second generation farmer. He is a delegate from Papua New Guinea East Highlands Organic Agricultural Cooperative, which produced coffee in organic ways.