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I support fair trade to help the deprived farmers to fight fro what they deserve. Moreover, their plight are partially done by us. So we need to be held responsible for this!

Through participating in fair trade activities, my understanding and awareness about this issue has been deepened. Although the producers lives far away from us, we can still play a part to better their living standards. Fair trade’s activities broaden my horizon and learn to care people around the globe more. We can do a lot more to make a better world!


Lau Ka Yi,Ho Tung Secondary School

Being one of the helpers in fair trade group is an excellent experience as it is full of fun during the fair trade day and lunch meeting. Even more, I realize the importance of fair trade and understand that the school should put mroe emphasis on joining fair trade. Moreover, I have gained a lot more knowledge about fair trade. I hope I can help the farmers futhermore in the future. Also, it is an interesting and fruitful experience to organize activities with my colleagues. I make many friends in this event and I enjoy the time with them.


Wendy Yang,King George V School

The concept of Fair Trade was quite new to both teachers and students. This Scheme has provided a platform for us to get in touch with it. I feel that after participating in the Scheme, my teammates and I have positive changes and become more mature in different aspects , for example teamwork, time management, promotion and activity coordination.


Jessica Liu, Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce School



Since I participated in the ‘Jockey Club Fair Trade School Award Scheme’, I began to know about Fair Trade products. At first, I thought there is no major difference between Fair Trade and conventional products except price. I benefited after participating in the activities as knowledge on Fair Trade has enhanced. I now understand the reasons behind for the price difference as Fair Trade products prevent producers from being exploited on wages and returns. I would enjoy joining Fair Trade activities in the coming year too, promote features of Fair Trade to more people.


Hailey Chung HKFYG, Lee Shau Kee College  

After our school joined the Scheme, we organised many activities, including Interclass Orienteering Competition, Bazaar and so on. I’ve learnt so much. I participated in different extra-curricular activities before, but I have never held the position as a secretary. I learnt to write meeting minutes and activities proposals. The result was a wonderful surprise. During the planning process, I understood the importance of the division of labour. In the beginning, we did not divide our duties well enough, which caused frictions among us. In the end, we realised work distribution is crucial for implementing smooth and successful activities, as well as develop good relationships with teammates. I became more mature after this experience.


Man Hiu Ching, TWGHs Lo Kon Ting Memorial College