Does Fair Trade Support Genetic Modified Seed?

20170221 GMO-01

Genetic modified (GM) food seems capable of surviving in all conditions or even have  high yield  in different season. Considering all these benefits, does Fair Trade support Genetic modified food?

The answer is NO!

The large-scale company who own the patent right and technology of genetically modified seeds has control on seed market, in order to increase the market share of their products. The natural non-genetically modified seed gradually fade out, thereby the farmer would have no choice, but to borrow money for buying expensive seeds. Nevertheless, the high-cost GM seeds do not guarantee a stable harvest. Numerous of farmers will end up bearing a massive debt and going bankrupt, unfortunately, committing suicide.

In the past decade of India, there were already 200,000 farmers committing suicides because of the bankrupt. Moreover, there is no long-term investigation on GM food about the safety issues, impacts on human health and its impact to biodiversity before launching to market; even scientists don’t have a conclusion at this moment.

Overall, considering unfair trade rules plus the safety concerns, all GM food will not be included in the Fair Trade so far. After all, buying Fair trade products will be a health and fair choice!