Does Fair Trade Equal to Carbon Emission?

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‘Carbon Emission/Footprint’ raises attention among people, Most of the Fair Trade certified products come from developing countries which seems quite far away from Hong Kong. Isn’t it increase carbon footprints if we support Fair Trade Products?

In the fact that transportation only takes an extremely tiny percentage of all carbon emissions. A study from America indicated that 89% of the total number of carbon emission is related to farming and production process. For example, using agricultural chemicals, pesticides, fuels and machines are the main causes of consuming energy and creating carbon emissions.

The other research from Switzerland comparing the sugar in their local supermarket, realized that the organic cane sugar come from Fair Trade farmer in Paraguay impressively has 40 % less Carbon emission compared to local farm produced cane sugar. Therefore, Carbon footprint definitely should not only calculate the distance on its transportation, but also need to consider whether the crop are planted in the most suitable place. Otherwise, even the food product is grown and sold locally, it may cause energy waste as well.