Fair Trade charity premiere – Chasing Ice

Premiere of ” Chasing Ice ”  was held on 31st March, 2015 to draw the attention of public concern about climate change and fair trade on one hand, to raise funds for the promotion of fair trade on the other hand. Film was shoot by renowned environmental photographer James Balog in North Pole, which captured Glacier change between years. The film has won 30 international awards cumulatively.  Apart from setting fair trade cocktail lounge to allow guests to taste the wine from fair trade, we were fortunate enough to invite Dr. Lee(polar experts), Mr. Lam (Former director of Hong Kong Observatory),  Dr. Li(famous science writer) and Mr. Chu(Director of the Earth Resources Centre Limited) to hold colloquia. Directors from our association also attended to share topic about fair trade and climate change. 13 companies and more than 600 people participated this event, supported fair trade and spread the message of sustainable development.