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“With community margin, I can heal my sick.” 18-year-old Pakistani football workers Sameena said.
Pakistan Sialkot so called world football’s hub, where the football factory produce football for 50 international brands. You need 690 stitches to make a standard football,, the International Labour  Organisation estimated that there are 15,000 Pakistani workers engaged in stitching soccer. Because of low wages, parents, who can not afford to send their children to school, will go to work with their children.


Football can be described as a fair solution. 18-year-old Sameena, who lives in the nearby town Sialkot.  Sameena is a factory worker and responsible for sewn rubber sheet into football. This work is generally very low wages, but under fair trade certification system, she and other workers can get the reasonable wages. Recently, Sameena undergo the thyroid surgery, all medical expenses is paid by the workshop fair trade cooperative because workshops will allocate a certain amount to support workers in need.


Now, the workers wages earned enough for them to maintain basic living expenses, their children do not have to work and are able to go to school. Work environment is also greatly improved. It has adequate ventilation and lighting equipment. In addition to this, more workers can access to health services and participate in micro-credit schemes to tide over the difficulties of life.
In addition to football, Brighton Fair Deal Trading introduced the fair trade criteria rubber from Sri Lanka, the introduction of Fair Trade products also include sports shoes and other sports.