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Each international trade has a series of stories behind. The story of Fair Trade is to tell us have to respect to farmers and pay a reasonable price to buy hard-grown products thus help them get rid of poverty. Therefore, the whole industry is more consolidated and sustainable. Fair Trade make international trade can be more in line with justice and create profitable sustained environmental development. We hope that all of you can really feel the benefits and significance of fair trade and practice it in daily lives.

According to the 8th edition Monitoring the Scope and Benefits of Fairtrade, there are 1,516,924 farmers and workers benefited under Fairtrade system in 2013 increase to 1,661,828 in 2015, the growth rate rose by nearly 10%, it is clearly be seen that people who beneficial under the system was gradually increasing.

Under the Fairtrade system, smallholder farmers would require forming a cooperative to join Fairtrade system which aims at enhancing the transparency, solidarity and mutual assistance among the farmers. By the statistics at the end of 2015, the total number of Fairtrade Producer Organisation was 1139 in 2012 and has increased to 1240 in 2015. The percentage increased about 10%.

Until 2015, the Fairtrade certified producer organisations  has spread over  75 countries which mean the work of Fairtrade International is expanding continuously.

From the data of 2016 monitoring report, the numbers of farmers of tea, cocoa and coffee have evidently increased, the increasing percentage of these three were 30%, 15%and 13% respectively.


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