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Fair Trade movement has become more mature in the 1990s, while there are also several cafes and organic shops started to introduce Fair Trade products. In 2002, Oxfam launched the campaign “Make Trade Fair” which kick-start the Fair Trade Movement officially. Later on, in 2008, Oxfam has support three Fair Trade producer to display their Fair Trade products at the Hong Kong Food Expo, thus promote Fair Trade concepts and liaise traders for Fair Trade products.

Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK) was established in 2008 which is a not-for-profit organization that promote Fair Trade. FTHK start to organize Fair Trade events in May to echo World Fair Trade Day and also provide easy access to fair trade for the local consumers in Hong Kong. In the recent years, there are increasing more large-scale chain introduce Fair Trade products. In 2013, FTHK has co-organized the first ‘Ethical Consumption Month’ with others NGO to encourage conscience consumerism to encourage switching to fair trade products and social enterprise to brings more positive social impact.


More about fair trade

Union commissioned the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Business Administration Asian brands and Marketing Center fair trade conduct fair trade survey, It showed that 62% of respondents had heard of fair trade, but less than 30% of the respondents have a good understanding of fair trade, but also Nearly half of the respondents did not know how to identify which is fair trade products. 397 respondents had purchased fair trade products, 89% were satisfied and 81 percent would recommend the fair trade products to their friends or acquaintances. Alliance also found that the higher the level of education of the young and the respondents, have higher tendency to support the purchase of fair trade products. Compared to other Asia-Pacific region, though Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city, but lags behind the development of fair trade. People in Australia and New Zealand spend on fair trade products per capita consumption of about $ 70 HKD, $ 6.7 Japan, but there is only less than 2 Yuan in Hong Kong.
The survey also pointed out that when consumers know that support fair trade can give the farmer and labor at reasonable prices and good labor practices, they would be more willing to buy products, It proves that public education is extremely important that consumers understand the concept of fair trade. They are willing to put effort, promote fair trade, help farmers out of poverty.

Australia and New Zealand 0%
Japan 0%
Hong Kong 0%

Although Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city, its per capita consumption in fair trade products is lower than many countries including New Zealand and Australia, Japan and other Asia-Pacific countries.

89% satisfied with the product

81% recommend the fair trade products to their friends or acquaintances.

62% heard before

FTHK is glad to witness the change of Fair Trade awareness in Hong Kong markets, consumers are more willing to take action to support Fair Trade in their daily life.

According to the statistic of Fairtrade International, Fairtrade Sales in Hong Kong has increased from HKD17million to HKD24million, i.e. 42% incremental. It shows that Hong Kong citizens are now increasing their Fair Trade awareness. According to the market survey conducted by Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK) in 2012 and 2015, the amount of Fair Trade Purchase and frequency has demonstrated a steady growth. The amount of Hong Kong consumers spend on Fair Trade products increased from HKD87 to HKD109, their frequency of Fair Trade consumption increase from One to Twice per year to Every Quarter.

As the Hong Kong consumer awareness of Fairtrade increasing, many local companies and industries started to take part in Fairtrade system. There were about 30 Hong Kong local Fairtrade products in 2014, and it rose to 65 products in 2015. In 2016, the number of these local products rose to 142, grew of nearly 118%. Coffee and tea were the most popular Fairtrade products.

Apart from Fairtrade products launched by Hong Kong companies, Hong Kong has a wide variety of imported Fairtrade Products from all over the world. According to the latest statistic in end of 2016, there are total 287 products came from 13 countries and 65 brands. Chocolate was the most popular product among all imported Fairtrade products which take up 35%, and then 25% of these products was coffee and 10% was tea.


Remarks: Fairtrade in one-words refer to the system and product certified by Fairtrade International. For more details, please refer to Fair Trade refer to the generic Fair Trade concepts and movements.